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We've done it, and we loved it!

Our team at Teach ESL Korea/China has previous experience teaching in South Korea or China or both. We were all teachers first and started this company in order to help others have as good or a better experience than we did. We understand your questions, concerns and we have some idea of what motivates and drives you to seek jobs and adventures abroad. Our main goal is to make sure that you have a fun, lucrative, and safe year abroad and that you love it so much, that it will be a tough decision at the end of the year whether to go back home.

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Founder & President

Dan landed in Korea for the first time on the day of his 30th birthday. The idea of teaching in Korea had been with him for some time, having had a number of friends who were already teaching, but a full time career position made him hesitate, until in 2005, with a wife and 8 month son, he finally decided to take the leap and try something new.

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Co-founder, Vice-President

Aggie arrived with Dan in Korea in August 2005. For new wife and mother, a move to Korea seemed a bit overwhelming, but exciting as well. Initially, Aggie stayed home and took care of 8-month-old Jordan, but eventually she was able to work part time as well. In 2015, Aggie taught in Shenzhen, China at a private school as well. It was an eyeopening experience and a perfect way to learn about this incredible country.

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Z Visa Specialist

The newest member of our team, who came VERY highly recommended to us by Rachel, and I believe the quote was – “she will do the work of 3 people, and do a better job than all of them!” Ok, sold! She also lived in Gwangju, and then taught in Shenzhen for 6 months, with her now-husband Scott! She has helped overhaul our Visa Support Systems, including the creation of full E2 & Z visa booklets for Korea & China, for teachers from all 7 countries. She is quick and clear on her research and support for teachers, and has a perfect attitude the entire time. She will now be continuing to create info videos, around key aspects of the visa documents, stages, and tips from our research/experience. She does all of this while being a full-time Post Grad student!

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Teacher Representative

With a wonderful attitude, moved to Gwangju, South Korea with her boyfriend at the time, back in 2012. She was really enjoying Gwangju, and Korea in general, so she asked Dan how she could be involved in Teach ESL Korea. We were due for a Teacher Event, so she organized and hosted a Scavenger Hunt, with a bunch of expats running around downtown Gwangju! She has been an integral part of our beloved company ever since! She lives in Texas now, teaching online in the very early morning hours, while also running a personal training business, and helping our teachers. She has helped at least 450 teachers find jobs in Korea and China over the years, and we couldn’t be happier to have her on our team, and as a friend.

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